Welcome to the Sacred Remembering Community

Modern women, waking up to the truth of who we are: resourced, sovereign & on the leading edge.

About our community

This community is a safe and nurturing space for awakening women who are on a journey of owning the whole truth of who they are, reclaiming both feminine and masculine, & stepping into a whole new reality of regenerative prosperity. 

We are modern women, standing in the truth of who we are! 

No more "one foot in one world, one foot in the other." No more denying who you are. 

The focus of this community is to be a support to you while you are making big bold moves (or preparing to), reclaiming a healthy relationship with both feminine and masculine, and standing more and more in your truth. 

Also, as you discover the "sacred" in you, and as your unique magic begins to emerge more and more, we want to hear about it! We want you to share it and practice your new and emerging skills in this space! (Some previous examples: Human Design readings, guided sound healings, soul-art workshops, energy sessions, guided journeys, and more!) 

We respect each woman's Sovereignty in this space. You will also learn much more about Sovereignty in this group, and find many resources for practicing energy sovereignty (think* "boundaries" but energetically more sound). 

We practice being in a conscious community of women. We develop new ways of being in community (no more competition), and we also practice sacred practices together.

You will build lifelong friendships in this group! We are "soul family!" (You're feeling it right about now if you're meant to come on in.) 

We also have resources for your Prosperity here! 

As women wake up to the truth of who they are and their lives change, many women decide to change career paths and want their money and prosperity to align to their soul purpose. This group is for you if you are on that journey. 

We want that for you too!

This is a place for you to feel seen and heard for who you are, to share the things you don't share with anyone else, to practice your intuition and developing your unique gifts, to share your talents with others or even host your own classes as you begin an entrepreneurial journey, and develop soul-level connections that will last a lifetime. 

One last thing: Yes, this place is unique. We are women on a "unified" journey - so we have feminine AND masculine, spiritual AND practical, sacred AND financial - all in one. 

Like the future Earth we want to see for women! 

The solutions the world needs right now are inside of women. We want to hear what you know is true, and we want to help you get your gifts into the world. 

Why you should join us

Are you a spiritual woman who is going through a transition and looking to join a community of like-minded women on a path of owning their truth, reuiniting feminine & masculine, and focusing on prosperity? 

Are you interested in sovereignty and curious to know more about how to align truth, sovereignty & prosperity? 

Do you have ideas inside of you that the world needs, but you're standing on the edge of your next leap? 

If so, we invite you to be a part of our community!

Standing in your truth can be challenging. It takes courage. You need people who get it. We do. 

Can't wait to meet you.